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DOAN Machinery Co., Ltd. was founded in 2008. We constantly improve and overcome the difficulties by summing up the customer's usage, and has passed the ISO9001 and CE certification. We provide customers with stable quality of road construction and maintenance machinery and technical support.Hot machines: Road Repair Machines.
It has given way to a growing number of customers around the world work experience getting easier, more meaningful.
In building a global transportation business, DOAN Machinery Co., Ltd. will be accompanied all the way with you!


Pavement Repair

DOAN pavement repair series of road maintenance machinery includes CRACK SEALING MACHINE, CRACK SEALING MACHINE GZ350, Crack-sealing-machine-(GL500) etc.

Slot Repair Series

DOAN slot repair series of road maintenance machinery includes tda1600-trailer-asphalt-heater, tda2000-trailer-asphalt-heater, (CF-2000)-thermal-regeneration etc.

Surface Sealing

DOAN surface sealing series of road maintenance machinery includes Intelligent seal coat rainmaker and other equipment maintenance materials. Hot product: Road Repair Machines.

Traffic Safety Series

DOAN traffic safety series of road maintenance machinery includes vehicle-display-screen CJXP12-07D, command-display-system-(CJXP12-04D9), All-round-lifting-work-lights-YSD6306 etc.

Road Material

DOAN maintenance material series of road maintenance machinery includes Crack-sealing-tape, comprehensive-repair-material, crack-sealant-(pl-w), carbonyte-sealcoats etc.

DOAN Best Service

Adhere to do valuable thing, to create valuable DOAN technology, DOAN strive to become a global leader for high-end road construction and maintenance machinery.


We are seeking local sales agent and distributors. To be our agent/distributor, you need: Be our client first. We need to build mutual trust through our first cooperation.Keep at least one-year cooperation with us.Be experienced in the road machinery business or familiar with pavement machinery products.Have the passion the promote our pavement machinery products in your local market.Have enough capability to keep stock, we don’t sell on credit for new agents.Hot machine: Road Repair Machines.

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